About Us

We help our customers to build the IT foundation for their digital transformation in the areas API & Integration, Automation, DevOps, Agile IT Operations and Digital Workplace. As the  open source service provider   we always has a focus on openness.

We provide solutions within all these areas, based on leading Open Source technology to ensure delivery in the technical forefront. This give our customers new revenue gains, faster time to market and a more efficient business.

  • With our agile IT operations solutions, we adopt a hybrid cloud first strategy which involves aspects from “bring-your-own hardware to public cloud”. All are handled seamlessly by our managed service. 
  • API management and integration solutions are key in order to gain control and release the power of information to form an external or internal eco system.
  • GoSoftis the way for developers and operations staff to work efficiently together. To ensure a smooth collaboration, you will need well developed automation strategies and a powerful DevOps tool set. 
  • Automation of workflows and efficient document solutions is needed to keep control over the digital workflow of information.

This is our passion and what we're all about!